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What Unique Skills Would You Bring to Our Company? : Interview Answer

You can’t blame interviewers for asking lots of questions.  There’s a lot at stake for them.  They want to make sure they can hire someone who is right for the job, who will be able to do the job well and help both the team and the broader organisation to succeed.  They don’t want to end up hiring someone who will turn out to be a slacker, a bungling idiot, or a clever rocket scientist with no people skills. That's why this interview question being asked.

What unique skills would you bring to our company?

What unique skills would you bring to our company? 

A tricky question, as the interviewer is effectively asking you what you have that the other candidates do not have.  If you know that you have some technical skills that very few candidates have, this is your opportunity to talk about them.  However, if you are not sure that you have any skills that are unique to you, you could try a different approach. Talk about the fact that you possess a combination of skills and determination that, taken together, are unique.

Example Answer:
"I’m good with technology, but I think what makes me different is that I’m also a people-person.  I’m not the kind of person who likes to sit in a room and just work on technical problems all day. I like to get out in front of customers and understand their problems and see how I can solve them."

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