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What is Your Strength - job Interview Example Answer

Asking about your strength is just as common job interview question as asking about your weaknesses. When you’re looking for a practical job, focus on your practical qualities. Ideally, one of your greatest strengths will be your experience, and another your reliability. Give some solid examples of how, where and when you’ve demonstrated these qualities. Stick to three or four key points and put them across strongly.

What are Your Strengths Interview Question Example Answers

Think about what quality, characteristic or skill you have that will help you do this job especially well. Where will you shine? Don’t be afraid to brag…that’s essentially the point of this interview question. And don’t be too generic: “I’m driven to succeed, so I work harder than everyone else.” Here are some example to answer this interview question.

Example 1
‘I would say my greatest strengths with regard to this job are my experience, my reliability, my [a skill] and my [a personal quality]. I have x years’ experience working in [your relevant background] and my knowledge of [tasks you’ve done or responsibilities you’ve held] and familiarity with [a relevant process or piece of equipment] mean that I would be able to do the work competently and efficiently. I believe my current/previous employer would agree that I can be relied on to do the job even under difficulties/pressure. For example, [describe a time you did that].’

Example 2
‘I believe that my [your most relevant skill] would be valuable in this job. It would allow me to [explain why this skill is important]. Another strength I can bring to the job is my [your key personal quality]. I’ve found it to be of great importance in my current/previous job as it means that [explain why this quality has been helpful to you in the past].’

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