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What are Serial Job interviews ?

What are Serial interviews ?

Also called a sequential Job interview, this is similar to a panel Job interview, except that you have a one-to-one interview with each person in turn instead of all at once. Each interviewer is focusing on their own particular interest, and will ask you questions with a different emphasis. This means that overall you will undergo a very thorough investigation. Keep in mind what each person’s concern is likely to be when you answer their questions. For example, though not exclusively:
● human resources manager (HR) – career pattern and background, work style, training and qualifications, general educational background, training and development needs, salary and benefits; 
● technical manager – technical experience, specific knowledge, training and qualifications, technical skills, specific job-related problem-solving;
● department head or senior executive – cultural fit, ability to meet targets, contribution to profitability and growth, career aspirations; 
● line manager – working style, manageability, team fit, transferable skills, strengths and weaknesses, understanding of the job and ability to perform it.

The point of the serial interview is to get individual, unbiased assessments of you from each interviewer. This means you can start afresh with each person you meet. Even if you feel you failed to make a stunning impression on one interviewer, you have a couple more chances to claw back the situation. After the interview, the interviewers will get together to compare notes and arrive at a consensus decision that satisfies all parties.

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