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What are Screening interviews?

As the name suggests, these interviews actually screen candidates out. They usually take place before the selection interview so that the interviewer doesn’t have to interview anybody lacking the basic requirements. Cheaper, quicker and more immediate than an application form, and less effort than reading a CV, screening interviews ask a set of standard questions. If you get the answers right, you automatically go forward to a selection interview. If you get the answers wrong, you may still be able to apply again at a later date, and failure will not necessarily affect any future applications. 

The interview rarely takes place face to face; usually it’s on the phone or on-screen. Questions can range from what your qualifications are to multiple-choice aptitude tests. The interviewer should explain before you start what is involved and how long it will take. If it isn’t convenient, you weren’t expecting it or you would like some time to prepare, explain politely and call back when you’re ready. There’s little you can do, though, to prepare for a screening test the questions are usually fact based and you either have the basic requirements or you don’t. 
There is no point arguing about the result, either, or asking if you can come in to discuss it; the person you’re speaking to just doesn’t have that authority.

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