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What are Panel Job interviews?

What are Panel interviews?

These are usually formal selection Job interviews where several people in turn ask you the usual interview questions, instead of just one. Where the hiring decision affects several people they can all be included on the job interview panel. 
They typically include:
● human resources manager (HR); 
● technical manager; 
● department head; 
● line manager.

You will usually be told beforehand if it’s a panel interview. Each member of the panel will have their own questions that address their particular concerns, so don’t be unnerved by the thought that they’re all going to question you. There probably won’t actually be many more questions than there would be at a one-to-one interview. There is usually one person leading the panel who will take charge of the interview, welcome you and introduce you to the others. The formalities of a panel interview can be a little tricky. Do you shake hands with everyone? Whom do you look at when answering the question?
● On the whole, be alert to the situation and be led by the panel itself. If, for example, the leader stands up, shakes your hand and then asks you to take a seat, assume you don’t shake hands with everyone else. 
● Make eye contact and smile as you are introduced to each member. 
● Try to remember their names and what their particular specialties are. 
● Always look at the person asking you a question. 
● When you answer, direct your answer chiefly to your questioner, but include the rest of the panel by glancing round and making eye contact. 
● Address your own questions to the panel leader, unless it’s something clearly more suitable for the technical manager, for example. 
● At the end of the interview, thank the group as a whole for inviting you. Say how much you enjoyed it, that you found it interesting and that you look forward to hearing from them. Look around, smile and make eye contact as you do so. 
● Once outside, make a note of everybody’s name and job title before you forget.

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