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Types of job interviews

The best way to prepare for an interview is to ask the recruiter or the person scheduling the interview what to expect. I have never objected to the question from a candidate. In fact, I like it. It shows me the candidate wants to be prepared and is serious about the process. I hope that you have the same experience. I cannot imagine anyone getting annoyed the question. I advise that you ask.
There is nothing like expecting one interviewer and walking into a room of five interviewers. How is that for throwing you off your A-game?
Do not show up cold to an interview. By the way, it is always a good idea to know how long you should plan to be onsite. Schedule to be there the entire time plus an extra hour. You will not perform well if you feel rushed. Some schedulers will volunteer the information, but some may not. It is good to know beforehand. So ask.

Types of job interviews

Job Interview types:

Information only — During this type of interview there may or may not be an opening at that time. It is usually a little more conversational and more fact finding. This is a good time for you and the employer to talk about what both of you are looking for.
Ask your questions, too. This is not one sided. Interviews are never one sided-or at least they should not be.

Formal— This type of interview usually means there is an immediate job opening. This interview can take place in person or electronically.

phone Interview— A phone screening can be as intense as a formal interview; however, it is over the phone. This type of interview can be a little tougher because you cannot see one another.
Make sure you do not have distractions in the background and that you are smiling with your voice. During the phone interview, the recruiter or hiring manager is trying to see if there is a preliminary fit and trying to narrow the candidates down to the individuals that will be invited onsite. It is your job to make it to formal interview and seal the deal.

Virtual InterviewThere are numerous programs designed to assist in conducting an interview without sitting in the same room, state or country. I have conducted and been invited to interview virtually. This style offers the personal touch of in person interviews. Treat this is the same as an in-person interview. Dress the part and act the part.

Panel InterviewSome companies will have the candidates visit the site on a few different occasions to see everyone. Sometimes, every decision maker is in one room and interviewing candidates at the same time. Although, this method can be intense, at least you get a chance to impress most of the people that can make the hiring decision at the same time.
The key to the panel interview is making sure you have eye contact with the person who asks the questions and glance around the room at everyone else. You want to make connections with everyone. When you leave, you want to leave more than one advocate for you behind.

The working/hands-on interview—Some interviews have a hands-on component where you would actually perform work similar to which you would perform on a daily basis. One example of this is with Maintenance Technicians. In addition to having a written assessment, the Technician actually has to make repairs. You should be notified in advance if you will have a working interview. Brush up on your skills just in case.

Group—An interview with more than one candidate being interviewed at the same time.

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