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Tell me About Yourself - Interviews Example Answers

Why Tell me About Yourself  interview question is a most common interview question of so many interviewers? Many consider it a nice ice-breaker, giving them a chance to gauge initial chemistry, get a little insight into the cipher sitting before them (that would be you), and force you to do all the talking, for at least a couple of minutes! 

Tell me About Yourself Example Answers

It shouldn’t matter to you. If you are prepared, you know this interview question can be your golden opportunity to provide an answer that demonstrates four of the traits every interviewer is desperately searching for: intelligence, enthusiasm, confidence, and dependability.
This is as open as a question can be. It’s up to you to set the boundaries and make sure you stick to points that are informative and relevant. The interviewer wants you to include things like:

● your current position; 

● your background, education and training; 
● the skills and strengths that make you good at your job; 
● your experience and accomplishments; 
● the high points of your career so far;
● what attracted you to your particular field and how you got into it; 
● your goals for the future.

You need, of course, to tailor your answer and take into consideration the skills, strengths, aptitudes and experience – the competencies – required for the job.

Example 1
‘I’m a [give a concise, pithy description of yourself in 15 words or less]. I’m an experienced [whatever you are] with an extensive knowledge of [your relevant knowledge area] including [a key point] and [another key point]. My main skills or qualifications are [give two or three of your most relevant skills or your key qualifications]. ‘I also have experience in [go on to your next most relevant skill or knowledge area], including [develop one or two key points]. ‘My achievements to date include [two or three of your major achievements]. The benefits to my current employer have been [outline the benefits – what you’ve increased, decreased or improved]. I believe the position you’re offering would allow me to [what you want to go on to do or develop].’

Example 2
‘I’m a computer science graduate with a keen interest in the practical application of information systems. I’m an experienced computer programmer with an extensive knowledge of robotics including 3-D modelling and components’ assembly. My main skills are programming methodologies and microelectronics. ‘I also have experience in artificial intelligence, including Popll and Prologue. ‘My main achievement to date has been to write a geographical database using a GIS package, which allowed NHS patient data to be mapped for the entire West Midlands region. This greatly improved allocation of resources to high-density areas, and reduced patient waiting time by 11 per cent overall. I believe the position you’re offering would allow me to continue to develop my problem-solving skills and I feel I could contribute skills and experience that would be of value to you.’

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