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Tell Me Something That is Not on Your Resume - Interview Example Answer

Tell Me About Something That's Not on Your Resume Example Answers
Since your job interview resume is all about what you've done, you can share something that you‘re good at (that‘s not on there). The only issue here is that your job interviewer may still ask you for your greatest strength later on so make sure you have something different to talk about for these two questions. 

"Well, Pat, I have the right mix of interpersonal and work-related skills to be a successful commercial real estate agent. "
A lot of people think that being a good saleswoman is simply a matter of being outgoing. But this is only part of the equation. You also need to be able to solve real problems for companies. 
What if the space that you’re showing isn’t in the ideal neighborhood? 
You’ve got to persuade your prospect that the value of the property will overcome the inherent drawbacks of the location. '
What if the commercial space doesn’t have as many windows as the company’s current property? You have to help your client envision a different way to carve out the space, if only to muffle the complaints of the top executives. You need to be able to think, not just in terms of square footage, but also in terms of “profit per foot” for the company in question. Above all, it’s critical to seal the deal. For the past four years, I was among the top five closer at a large, commercial real estate company. Here are Some examples to answer this interview question.

Example 1
I‘ve been told by [coworkers/friends/professors] that I… [insert work related strength]

Example 2
I‘m someone who really goes above and beyond to make things happen. [Elaborate a bit more on when this has come into play]  

Personal Example
I‘m a really good cook, and my favorite thing to make is…

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