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Hypothetical Job interview Questions and Answers Examples PDF Download

Job Interviewers sometimes ask ‘what if…?’ and ‘how would you…?’ kind of Hypothetical job interview questions. Again, they are trying to see whether your approach to situations matches what they think is the right interview answer.
These interview questions can be tricky if you haven’t planned a response.  But just a little preparation can help you to tackle them with ease.

Job interview Hypothetical Questions Examples and Answers

1) How would you respond to change? 
‘Change management’ continues to be a big buzzword at work, as organisations constantly revamp how they operate in order to compete more effectively.  Employers want to hear that you are adaptable and flexible to change.

Example Answer:
  • Some people see change as threatening, but I see change as exciting. In fact, I get bored if I’m asked to do exactly the same thing month after month.  I actively enjoy pursuing new opportunities and often end up volunteering for new projects and initiatives.

To strengthen your argument, you could go on to give an example of how you have been involved in making change happen in the past.

  • Last year we had a team of management consultants who helped us with a big change programme that involved restructuring the organisation and changing a lot of how we worked on a daily basis.  I volunteered to join the internal consulting team to manage the relationship with the consultants and worked with them for six months.

2) What action would you take if you disagreed with the decision of your manager? 
Saying that you would immediately speak up could mark you out as a troublemaker.  So couch your response carefully.

Example Answer:
I would speak up.  But there are times when tact is required. For example, if my manager were to say something in a meeting that I felt was wrong, I would wait until we had a moment alone to try to speak to him about it.  At the end of the day though, I recognise that a manager is entitled to make decisions that I may not always agree with.  As long as I feel that I have been given a fair chance to air my views, I would go along with their decision.

3) If you spotted a colleague doing something unethical or illegal, what would you do? 
The interviewer is not asking you what you would do if your colleague were doing something that you merely disagreed with. Ethics and legality are in a bigger league than mere differences of opinion.  You must state that you would act immediately to put a stop to any unethical or illegal activity.

Example Answer:
"I would try to document the details of the incident and try to collect any physical evidence.  Then I would report it immediately to my line manager or HR."

4)What would you do if a colleague came to you in tears? 
Your answer should recognize that support for your colleagues can come in various forms.  Listening skills and empathy are as important as being able to offer practical assistance.

Example Answer:
"Naturally, I would take them aside and find out what was upsetting them so.  If it were something that I could help with, for example getting them over a difficult deadline, I would try to offer them my time.  But if it was a personal problem, I would try to listen and offer my sympathies and a shoulder to lean on."

5) What would you do if your partner phoned you to tell you that your son or daughter had been taken ill in the middle of the day? 
An interviewer is being a bit naughty here because government legislation prohibits employers from asking questions about childcare.  However, many interviewers may simply not know any better about the changes in the law.  So tell the interviewer what they want to hear.  This is a hypothetical question, so give a hypothetical answer.

Example Answer:
"I would ring home to find out what the situation was.  In my experience, many children’s ailments require only soothing words and bed rest that my partner could take care of.  But if it was something serious that required immediate hospitalization, then I would hope that my employer would understand the need for me to take half a day off work."

6) If I told you that you’re not suitable for this job, what would you do? 
In reality, you may feel like throttling the interviewer with an item of his or her own clothing after all of the effort you have put into preparing for the interview.  However, a tactic that is more likely to get you the job may be to say the following.

Example Answer:
"I would respond by asking you why you think I’m not suitable for the job.  Are you saying that I am not suitable for this job?
Hopefully, the interviewer should tell you about their concerns, allowing you to respond to each of these in turn."

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