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How to Make a Good First Impression on Job Interviewer at Job Interview

First impressions count. So it makes sense to choreograph the first few minutes of a job interview to make sure you deliver a devastatingly professional, confident, and personable first impression. When meeting your job interviewer for the first time, be sure to follow these suggestions: 

How to Make a Good First Impression at Job Interview

Arrive early.  Calculate your journey time days before your interview and make sure you can get there on time.  If in doubt, get there early and find a local coffee shop where you can relax and get into the right frame of mind.  Arrive late and you immediately plant a question in the interviewer’s mind: Will this candidate frequently arrive late for work? 

Pre-plan some small talk.  Arrive at reception ten or 15 minutes early so you can look around the building for features you could comment on and genuinely praise.  For example, look for plaques on the wall commemorating prizes the organisation has won, or books filled with press cuttings about the organisation.  Look also for original pieces of art, the design of the reception area or building, the landscaped gardens outside, and so on. 

Follow the interviewer’s lead with respect to polite conversation or ‘chit chat’.  When the interviewer arrives, being able to talk positively about one or two aspects of their organisation will help to create the impression that you are a friendly, likable person.  But follow the interviewer’s lead: while certain interviewers genuinely enjoy making small talk, others may want to press on with interview questions

Make eye contact and smile broadly on first meeting the interviewer. Babies learn to recognise smiles from the age of several weeks; human beings are genetically programmed to warm to others who smile.  Even if you feel nervous and don’t feel like smiling, force yourself to do so.

Shake hands firmly– but without crushing your interviewer’s hand.  If you have a tendency to get nervous and for your hands to sweat, hold your hands under a cold tap for a few minutes in the cloakroom.  Failing that, discreetly keep your right hand wrapped around a handkerchief in your pocket or handbag until you see an interviewer approaching to shake your hand. 

Wait to be invited to take a seat.  As a mark of respect, ask for permission from the interviewer to take off your jacket, particularly from older interviewers who appreciate such nuances of business etiquette. 

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