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How to Dress Well For Your First Job interview?

You’ve done your research, got all your interview answers prepared and are ready for any interview question the interviewer might throw at you. All you need to do now is make sure you look the part. You need to create the right impression from the very first moment of the interview. By the time you’re sitting down answering questions, it may be too late. The interviewer will begin to form their opinion the second you step through the door, so make sure they get the right idea from the start. This post focuses on the positive impression you can make with your appearance and your body language – how you look and how you behave – and suggests ways you can put yourself across with confidence and assurance even when you feel nervous. Your appearance and behavior should convey the same message that your answers to the interviewer’s questions do – that you are intelligent, confident and experienced, and can do the job. Everything about you should support this message, from the clothes you wear to the way you sit.

Your general appearance: 
It hardly needs saying that when you go for an interview you must look clean, groomed and smart. Take a little extra care with your appearance, apply a little extra polish and the results will be worth it. Everything you’ve been told is true – interviewers do notice things like clean fingernails and nicely polished shoes, so pay attention to the details. Things like that help to make you feel confident about meeting strangers and being judged by them. More importantly, they show that you’ve made the extra effort. Nothing impresses interviewers more than someone who’s made an effort.

How you dress:
You have to look as if you belong. Dress like a smarter, more polished version of the staff already employed. The current working environment is all about teamwork, so if you look like part of the team you’re already ahead of the game.
● If you’re applying for a job in a field you already know well and are a part of, this shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Lawyers and accountants nearly always dress like lawyers and accountants; design and media people dress like design and media people the world over. 
● If you’re entering a new industry you’ll need to do some research to find out what the dress code is. 
● Look at the company brochures, newsletters and other material to see what type of image they want to project, as it will help you avoid sticking out like a sore thumb. 
● Shots of people all looking formal in suits and ties tell you that nothing less than a smart suit for both men and women will do for the interview. 
● If, however, the annual report features pictures of the staff in jeans and T-shirts, then smart casual wear will fit in better. 
● If in doubt, ask someone who works in that type of job what they recommend, go and see what employees going in and out of the building are wearing, or simply ring the company, say you have an interview there and ask what the dress code is.

In general, you want to present a highly professional appearance in the manner most appropriate for your chosen field. Whether you’re dressed in a three-piece suit or chinos, the way to look like a professional is:
● Be clean, fresh, tidy and well pressed. 
● Dress for an important meeting or presentation rather than your average day. 
● Avoid extremes – if in doubt, lean towards a neutral style and color. 
● Avoid fussy accessories – it’s too tempting to fiddle with them when you’re nervous. 
● Avoid anything jokey when choosing ties, earrings, bags or briefcases, etc – it will cancel your authority immediately. 
● Avoid anything too short or too tight, as this will also cancel your professionalism. 
● Dark colors convey professionalism better than light ones.
● Plain colors are less distracting than busy patterns. 
● Quality shows. Well-cut clothes in natural fibers with a good finish are essential whether you’re wearing a suit or business casual wear.

It’s tempting to buy a new ‘interview outfit’ just for the big day. If you do, wear it at least a couple of times before the interview, even if only at home. Make sure that the outfit is comfortable and trouble free and that you can sit comfortably in it without anything riding up, twisting round or creasing, and that you can stand up and shake hands without anything gaping or straining. Having to adjust bits of clothing continually will distract both you and the interviewer. 

Posture and bearing:
Some people can wear the most expensive clothes and still give the impression they’ve just borrowed them for the occasion if they carry themselves badly. You have to convey the idea that you’re keen and capable, and project your confidence and interest:
● Think up and open – stand tall, head up, shoulders back. 
● Remember to breathe. 
● Aim to be alert and poised in your manner and gestures. 
● Avoid clutching bags or folders so hard your knuckles go white. 
● Look around you rather than at the floor – take in your surroundings. 
● Meet people’s gaze and make eye contact. 
● Smile.

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